Spray decoration

Are you planning an advertising campaign? Or maybe you want to use glassware as an element of your company’s visual identification? Spraying on glass is a modern method of decorating glass that allows you to achieve interesting and lasting effects.

Our company is a place where the art of glass decorating becomes a reality. We are proud of our ability to meet the diverse needs of customers, and one of our specialties is the technology of coloring the entire surface of the product, i.e. spraying on glass. This advanced method allows us not only to give the glass different colors, but also to achieve various finishing effects.

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How is glass spraying done and what are the effects?

The effect is achieved by applying paint using a paint gun, which emits a stream of paint sprayed with compressed air.

  • We can adjust the coloring to your preferences, offering both opaque colors that give the products an intense look, and transparent colors that allow for subtle and delicate decorations.
  • In addition, we can finish the glass in many different ways, including glossy, matte, metallic and many others. Thanks to this, your products will become not only functional, but also aesthetic and unique.
  • Moreover, our glass coloring technology opens the door to the use of other decoration techniques. We can successfully use printing, pad printing, hot-stamping or decals on products colored in this way, which allows for even greater creativity and personalization. Pad printing allows for precise transfer of patterns on the glass, even on irregular surfaces, while decals allow for the creation of subtle and delicate decorations.

Spraying on glass - examples of applications

Spraying on glass is a glass decorating method that is perfect for:

  • glasses
  • cups
  • glass packaging for candles
  • glass cosmetic packaging

Spraying on glass - an example of our implementation

Our projects cover a wide range of products, from mugs with logos, glass packaging for candles, to bottles and jars for cosmetics. We have our own design studio, where, in cooperation with graphic designers, we prepare a complete print design. Additionally, we provide project visualization, professional product photography and product packaging design. Our decorated glass for a candle is a real gem in the world of decoration and aromatherapy. Our approach to glass decorating is full of passion and attention to every detail, which can be seen at every stage of creating this unique product.


The first detail that attracts attention is painting the inside of the container with black paint. This bold design decision allowed us to display the elegant bottom of the container and bring out its natural beauty. The black interior contrasts with the transparent outer surface, which adds extraordinary charm to the product.


On such a painted background, we placed the Glasmark Candles logo, which was made with a gold effect. The gold print is an excellent choice because it gives the product a unique class and exclusivity. This combination of black and gold creates an effect that attracts attention and emphasizes the high quality of our glass.

The entire product is not only a container for candles, but also a decorative element that wins the hearts of our recipients. It looks not only exclusive, but also elegant, which makes it a perfect gift or interior design element. Our passion for decorating glass makes each of our products not only functional, but also a work of art that conveys an unique message. Our glass candle container is a combination of elegance and quality that will delight every lover of beautiful things.

Our glass coloring technology is not only an excellent form of advertising and promotion, but also an opportunity to create unique and exceptional products. Whether you need personalized gifts or want to make your products stand out in the market, we are ready to provide you with the perfect solutions. Our passion for the art of glass decoration translates into high quality and precision in every project.

The benefits of spraying on glass include high resistance of decorations to washing in dishwashers and a wide range of colors. Patterns created on glasses can be repeated on carafes, bowls or jugs, resulting in series of dishes that are consistent in color. Such sets are not only functional, but also constitute an aesthetic and harmonious complement to the interior design of a home or restaurant.

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