Glass decoration

Regardless of whether we are talking about mugs with elegant prints, glass cosmetic packaging decorated with an original pattern, or glass vessels with a company logo – glass decoration becomes not only a functional element, but also an expression of uniqueness and style. Glasmark’s main specialty is decorating glass and household ceramics. Our company has roots in the local tradition of Krosno – the City of Glass, where the art of decorating glass is passed down from generation to generation. Our family has been associated with this industry for over 30 years, which has allowed us to accumulate extensive experience and skills.

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Glass decorating is an art that we cultivate and develop with passion. Our specialized approach to this field allows us to create unique projects that stand out on the design market. Modern machinery allows us to produce precise and complex decorations that meet the highest quality standards.

However, it is not only technology that makes us unique. Our management approach is based on innovation and flexibility. Thanks to this, we can adapt to various customer needs and implement unusual and demanding projects. Our design consulting is at the highest level, thanks to which we are able to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes of our customers.



Glass decoration - Spraying

Spraying is ideal for achieving solid colors or gradients on larger surfaces. It is an effective solution for giving glassware a colorful, modern look.

Glass decoration - Screen printing

Screen printing is effective on flat surfaces and allows for the application of intense colors. It is ideal for larger-volume projects where precise and durable prints are needed.

Glass decoration - Decal

The decal is useful when you want to obtain complex patterns, detailed graphics or precise inscriptions.

Glass decoration - Metallization

Metallization gives glassware a spectacular metallic shine, which makes them elegant and luxurious. It is ideal for projects where elements of prestige and uniqueness are important.

Glass decoration - Pad printing

Pad printing is effective on hard-to-reach and curved surfaces, which makes it ideal for decorating irregularly shaped vessels. It is also suitable for applying single colors and multicolored patterns

Glass decoration - Sublimation

Sublimation is ideal for reproducing full-color and complex designs such as photographs, paintings or intricate graphics. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to transfer a rich range of colors to glass vessels.

Glass decoration - Hot stamping

Hot-stamping is suitable for obtaining metallic decorations such as gold, silver or copper elements. It is an excellent choice for elegant, exclusive patterns on glassware.

Glass decoration in the catering and cosmetics industry

Decorating glass in the catering industry is not only a way to stand out from the crowd, but also an effective strategy for building a brand and creating an unique image. We make decorations that are resistant to operational conditions, such as frequent washing in dishwashers or contact with high temperatures.

Glass decoration in the cosmetics industry: Decorated glass packaging for cosmetics not only has an aesthetic function, but also serves as brand ambassadors. Precise prints and subtle patterns make cosmetics look luxurious and attract consumers’ attention. We decorate cream jars, perfume bottles and nail polish bottles.

Glass decoration - an example of our implementation

The Primavera glass is a real gem among our designs. Its uniqueness lies in the refined details that give it an unique character.

  1. The first element that attracts attention is the bottom of the glass. It was painted with transparent blue paint that matched the Pantone of the Primavera brand. This detailed color matching process ensures that the blue glow at the bottom of the glass is perfectly harmonized with the brand’s visual identity. The effect of a painted bottom is a subtle but definitely noticeable glow of color that makes our glass unique and extremely attractive.
  2. Another important element is the Primavera logo placed on the glass. This element was made using the screen printing technique, and the delicate shade imitates the sandblasting effect. It is this technique that gives the entire product lightness and elegance. The logo is subtly incorporated into the design of the glass, making it visible but not dominant, giving the glass an unique character.

The Primavera glass is not just a drinking vessel, it is a real work of art that combines precision of workmanship, attention to detail and unique design. Thanks to these elements, anyone who reaches for our glass can feel special and appreciate the beauty of the decorations contained in it. This is a product that perfectly represents the brand and delights every lover of beautiful and elegant tableware.

The variety of available glass decorating techniques, such as spraying, screen printing, decals or metallization, opens up enormous possibilities for us. Advertising prints on glass transform it into an effective marketing tool, while allowing companies to personalize and express their unique style.

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