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Glasmark Design Studio is a place where imagination becomes reality on glass. Our professional studio offers a wide range of services that help our clients create unique and attractive products.

We design original decorations that give glass products an unique character. Our creative team works on projects that stand out on the market and attract customers’ attention. We use the latest technologies to visualize designs on selected products, which allows customers to see what their products will look like before production.

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Professional product photography is another element of our services. Our photos emphasize the aesthetics and quality of the products, which is crucial in today’s competitive market. Thanks to our photography services, products look great on websites, catalogs and other marketing materials.

Our design studio also designs packaging for the products. We offer technological and branding support, which allows customers to comprehensively take care of the image of their products. Our technological experience and knowledge of decorating techniques enable us to handle orders from start to finish.

We do all this under the Glasmark brand, which is synonymous with quality, creativity and professionalism. Our own Design Studio is a place where we create products that attract attention and meet specific user needs. Unleash your imagination and let it be captured on glass with Glasmark Design Studio.


The Glasmark Design Team is made up of professionals who carry out a comprehensive design process, taking care of every stage and detail. Our work begins with a careful understanding of the client’s needs and market analysis, which allows us to create a project perfectly suited to expectations and trends.

Our design team is ready to unleash your imagination and transform it into aesthetic, functional products that meet your expectations. We are your partner at every stage of the design process, ensuring precision, quality and professionalism.

  1. Determining customer needs: Our team initiates the design process by starting a conversation with the client to thoroughly understand their goals and expectations. This is the moment when questions are crucial and our attention is focused on your needs.

  2. Market Research: We move into market analysis to understand the competition, trends and consumer preferences. This allows us to adapt the project to market realities and create products that will attract attention.

  3. Creating a design brief: Based on the collected information, we create a detailed design brief, which constitutes a road map for the entire project. It is a document that takes into account the goals, target group, project concept, key dates and budget.

  4. Design Concept: Our design team begins creating various design concepts, taking into account all the information gathered. Together with you, we choose the best solution that will meet your expectations.

  5. Design and visualization: Then we move on to creating a project based on the selected solution. Our design team creates professional visualizations, allowing you to see what the final product will look like.

  6. Prototype testing: In the case of more advanced projects, we create prototypes that allow for testing and possible corrections before mass production. This is the moment when we take care of every detail.

  7. Production patterns: Once the design is approved, we provide you with detailed production patterns that are essential for manufacturers. This is documentation that guarantees that the project will be implemented as intended.

  8. Production and quality control: We begin the production phase, with quality control constantly monitored to ensure that each product meets the highest standards.

  9. Delivery and implementation: The finished products are delivered to you or to the market, and the project is implemented. This is the moment when our work becomes reality.