Glass Decoration

Glasmark company offers you a wide range of advertising glass and ceramics for the beverage, alcohol, candle, perfumery and many other industries. We have our own design studio, where a dynamically working team realizes itself in the field of glass design and decoration.

Within over 30-years of company existence, we have completed hundreds of projects, both private and commercial. We offer you an individual design, which will be created for you by our Design studio, which is specialized in decoration art and visual identification.


Decorative painting is designed to enhance or improve the aesthetic and functional qualities of the product. This technique is widely used in the beverage, alcohol, candle and perfumery industry. We offer painting in shiny, mat, neon, metallic and many other effects and finishes. This technique can be easily combined with other decorating and personalization techniques.


It is a process of transferring a design of customer’s choice on the glass by using the technology of screen printing. Solid colors are suitable for most of the designs, what makes direct printing one of the most popular techinque. Prints have vibrant colors that are highly resistant.


By using the pad printing technique, we make decorations on an assortment that is difficult to decorate in other techniques, or we decorate product in unusual places, e.g. on the bottom or on the handle. Pad printing increases our decoration possibilities and it is an alternative to direct printing.


Decal technique is characterized by the highest printing precision and the best reproduction of the design. The decor is printed on special paper and then transferred to the product. Design can be applied both, inside and outside the product, as well as on the bottom and on the handle.


It is the process of decorating ceramics with photos or images in a high temperature. Advantages of sublimation are: aesthetic and decorative qualities, perfect functional properties and high durability of colors. The sublimation technique guarantees the largest area of decoration.


Hot-stamping technique offers a perfect metallic print effect, such as gold, silver, and many other colors, such as blue, red or purple. This technique makes the product look unique and luxurious. It is an excellent alternative to the much more expensive decoration with precious metals.


Our special decoration technique is metallization. This effect makes your product unique and elegant. Most popular in candle industry. Combined with your design, we create extraordinary and original product.