Advertising Mugs

Advertising prints on mugs are an excellent way to promote and build brand recognition. At Glasmark, we perfectly understand how important it is that these prints are not only durable, but also aesthetic and eye-catching.

Thanks to our modern technology park, we can achieve many different decorating effects while ensuring the highest quality.

Our offer in the field of advertising glass and ceramics is extremely wide, which allows us to adapt the products to various customer needs.

Regardless of whether you need promotional mugs for a corporate event, a gift for employees or as a promotional element for your brand, we are ready to provide you with the perfect solution.

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Advertising Mugs - From design to dream product

Designing a mug with your company logo is a process that requires careful planning and creativity. The design must be adapted to the shape and dimensions of the cup, taking into account any curves or irregularities on its surface. If you don’t have an idea for a mug print, we will be happy to help you and prepare a design. In our design studio, we cooperate with experienced graphic designers, we perform project visualizations and professional product photography.

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Advertising Mugs - a cheap and effective advertising gadget

How to turn an ordinary mug, cup or glass into an original gadget? All you need to do is print them with your company logo or advertising slogan. Thanks to the precise printing, it is possible to delight both customers and loved ones or family. The only limitation here is our own creativity. Modern glass decorating techniques make it possible to transfer complex graphic designs to the mug.

Our offer includes various models of mugs, both glass and ceramic, which can be an excellent platform for advertising. Thanks to us, you can be sure that your brand will look professional and unique. Over 30 years of experience in the industry is our calling card, and numerous completed projects, both private and commercial, prove our professionalism and commitment to every task.

Advertising Mugs - an example of our implementation

Our project for Hortex is a perfect example of our skills in decorating ceramic mugs. As a Glasmark company, we always focus on high quality and attention to detail, which is visible at every stage of the process of creating such products. Our ceramic mugs are not only durable, but also provide an ideal surface for placing advertising prints.

In the case of the mug created for the Hortex brand, we chose the screen printing technique, which allows for precise and durable prints. Screen printing is not only durable, but also has the ability to achieve full color compliance with the brand’s visual identification. For Hortex, we used two colors that were exactly matched to the brand colors, which allowed for consistency and recognition.

One challenge with this design was that the cup had a slight bend. However, our Design Team rose to the challenge and precisely matched the curve of the Hortex logo. Thanks to this, the logo retained its perfect proportions on the product, regardless of its shape. For us, each project is unique, and our passion for decorating glass and ceramics makes us ready to meet even the most unusual challenges. Our cooperation with Hortex is a perfect example of our professionalism and commitment to every project. We are proud of the ability to provide our clients with advertising products that not only look great, but also meet the highest quality standards.

Mugs with a logo are not only everyday utensils, but also an interesting advertising gadget. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, such as sublimation, pad printing or spray, mugs with a logo become not only practical gadgets, but also an expression of the brand’s creativity.