About Us

Glasmark’s vision and values unite our talented Team, set the framework and show directions for action. We create our business future guided by a long-term strategy, the aim of which is to provide Glasmark products to a wide range of clients in the country and abroad. Thanks to consistent communication and marketing strategy, we built well recognized brand with hundreds of successful product implementations in the glass, ceramics, candles and cosmetics industry.


  • professional customer service
  • assistance of the salesman during the whole purchase process
  • technological and branding support
  • possibility of ordering a prototype


  • designing unique decorations, according to the client’s needs
  • beutiful visualizations of projects
  • profesional product photography (packshot)
  • packaging design for the assortment


  • modern, innovative facilities
  • 3 automatic lines of spray production
  • decorating in any chosen colors and effects
  • mix of decoration techniques, i.e. painting, direct printing and decal
  • full range of services, i.e. packing, labelling, etc.
  • quality control of the assortment and decoration
  • fast production process of high-volume orders


  • large number of stock products
  • storage according to logistic principles and customer requirements
  • high standards connected with safe transport
  • guarantee of safe delivery


All our products comply with international and national environmental, health and safety standards.

We have incorporated the principle of sustainable development into our company management policy, we take care to maintain the highest standards and norms in every area of our company’s activity.