Advertising prints on glass

Advertising prints on glass are an unique way to promote and stand out on the market.

Glasmark is an expert in the field of glass decoration at the highest level, which allows us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our ability to produce highvolume decorations goes hand in hand with perfect repeatability, which guarantees consistency and excellent quality in each product.

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We use modern decorating techniques

Our offer includes a variety of glass decorating techniques that allows you to achieve various effects and adapt to a specific marketing need. Here are a few of them:

  1. Screen printing: This is a technique that enables precise and durable prints on glass. It is ideal for larger editions and allows you to obtain a full range of colors, which makes the graphics clear and attractive.
  2. Pad printing: Pad printing is a method of transferring paint to glass using a flexible pad. It is particularly useful for printing on irregular surfaces, such as shaped glasses or mugs.
  3. Hot Stamping: This technique allows you to apply metallic effects to glass. Thanks to it, you can obtain elegant and shiny decorations that catch the eye and give the products a luxurious look.
  4. Decal: This is a method of transferring a pattern to glass using special stickers. It is perfect for creating subtle and delicate decorations on glass.

All these techniques are distinguished by a final effect that is durable, aesthetic and professional. Advertising prints on glass create products that not only convey information about the brand, but also constitute an attractive element of decor and look elegant. Thanks to our experience and advanced machinery, Glasmark is able to meet even the most sophisticated customer needs, ensuring excellent quality and aesthetics.

Advertising prints on glass - project preparation and visualization

In our modern design studio, we not only prepare comprehensive graphic designs, but also are inspired by innovative concepts. Our team of experienced graphic designers is ready to take on challenges related to a variety of styles and themes to create a design that perfectly reflects the character and values of your brand.

Advertising prints on glass - an example of our implementation

The Iwo mug for the University of Rzeszów uniquely reflects the character of this renowned university. Our approach to decorating this mug was full of creativity and attention to detail.

The most characteristic element of the mug is the handle, which is painted in an intense pink color. This expressive shade of pink adds dynamism to the mug and makes it stand out from others. The choice of color was not accidental – we wanted the mug to be not only a functional object, but also an expressive element of the university’s visual identification.

The print on the mug was designed with attention to detail. Its form refers to the label of a tea bag, which gives the mug an extraordinary character and atmosphere. The choice of this motif is symbolic, because tea often accompanies student reflections and moments of relaxation. It is such subtle references that make this mug unique.

The name „University of Rzeszów” was placed closer to the bottom of the cup. Thanks to this, the university logo does not dominate the rest of the decoration, maintaining harmony and elegance of the entire product.

Our cooperation with the University of Rzeszów has produced many creative results. We made a total of 5 mugs in different colors, which allowed us to create a diverse series of products, adapted to different preferences and styles. This is a perfect example of our approach to decoration, which combines precision of workmanship, attention to detail and creativity, creating products that not only fulfill their function, but also convey a unique story and value.

Advertising prints on glass are a perfect solution for companies that want to stand out from the competition and attract customers’ attention. Thanks to precision, durability and the ability to use various effects and modern decorating techniques, we can create unique and functional products that will not only look beautiful, but also fulfill their promotional role.

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