Decorating technologies


It is a process of transferring a design of customer's choice on the glass by using the technology of screen printing. All the designs printed on glass are of high-quality. Their unique feature is the fact that they are dishwasher and microwave safe.


It is a process of decoration which uses the technique of applying multicolor paints on the whole surface of a product by using compressed air. The whole surface of a product is evenly covered with the chosen paint, resistant to externals factors. Spraying can be easily combined with many different decorations.


It is a process of decorating glass which is initiated by direct printing on a special tracing paper. Thanks to this technology a design can be put on a certain product by using either water, dry or ceramic technology.


It is the process of decorating glass with photos or images in a high temperature. Advantages of sublimation are aAesthetic and decorative qualities, perfect functional properties and high durability of colors.